Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Vintage Jumble Sale

Saturday 5th March, Vintage Jumble Sale, Rangeworthy, S Glos.

This is where my DH and I went to have a browse and see if I could find any bits and pieces for sewing.

This is what I bought.

A mixed bag of fabrics, including, gingham, patchwork fabrics, flowers etc.

This whole pile was in 1 mixed bag that cost £8.

It even had some vintage strawberry fabric.

I have plans, I fancy having a go at sewing pictures using little scraps of printed fabrics. I also bought a box of buttons too. A girl can never have too many buttons.

The same people that ran the Jumble Sale run a Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury. The next one is on 9th April. Unfortunately I can't go but for a very good reason, I will be running a children's sewing party for a soon to be 10yr old and her friends.

Here you can find some lovely photos from the Jumble Sale on The Washerwomen blog.


Jinnag said...

Lovely fabrics - lots of scope to play with there - have fune with them.
{Jennie-Wren from Shimelles class}

Nat said...

Sounds like a lovely morning, love your lucky find - there are some gorgeous looking patterns in there. Good luck for the sewing party, what a lucky groups of girls! xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag of goodies, just right for you!

Sian said...

That sounds like just the kind of sale I would love :)

Best of luck with your sewing party - I did one when my daughter turned eleven a couple of years ago. We made bunting. I hope you blog about it because I'd love to hear more.

Donna said...

Oh you lucky girl - how fabulous! I was just thinking the other day (whilst searching a charity shop for woolen jumpers to felt), that what I really needed was a jumble sale. Nobody seems to have them around here any more. Found your blog through BFS Mandy. Looking forward to keeping up with ou. xx

Lizzie said...

Ha! My dad used to live down the road from you, in Yate, and my auntie also nearby in Charfield...
I love Chipping Sodbury - it's cool...
I might have to find an exuse to visit on 9th April.. only there's no-one close by to visit any more. Nearest relatives now live at Chepstow and Tintern... and a friend in Cheltenham. (thinks... can I scrounge an invitation to Cheltenham? hmm...).
Thanks for the info anyway - and thank you for visiting and commenting at my blog!