Friday, 7 January 2011

10 Reasons to Love Sewing

I saw this on the All About You website.

10 Reasons to Love Sewing by Olivia Gordon
  1. It's soothing
  2. It feeds our magpie instinct
  3. It's creative
  4. It's practical
  5. It teaches patience
  6. It's a time-honoured craft
  7. Our gifts are second to none
  8. There's always more to learn
  9. It's about domesticity not drudgery
  10. It requires brainpower
Click on Reasons to Love Sewing above and it takes you to the article which has some lovely narratives about each one.

I liked number 6, "It's a time-honoured craft".

"For most of us, sewing reminds us of cosy afternoons with Mum, Grandma, or another woman from a previous generation who first taught us how to chain stitch or use a sewing machine. In an age when schools no longer teach much sewing, it's such an honour and a pleasure to keep the skills of past generations alive, and pass them down to our children."

I say "exactly". Especially seeing as I am teaching 8 year olds to sew and now offer sewing classes for their Mum's or Grandma's in fact to anyone so they can feel the excitement of creating something themselves. Which is what I love seeing when I teach.


Anonymous said...'re blogging again!

If sewing can make smiles as big as these I might have to have classes too!

MandyKay said...

LOL Giselle!