Monday, 17 May 2010

It's a take over

Well not in the permanent sense of taking over a company. I have picked up the reins for 6 months though, running Boaties Frypan in Europe. See

Boaties frypans were invented in New Zealand for those square stoves you find in boats, caravans, camping etc. They are a much better fit than your regular round ones.

And they are such fun to cook with, square pancakes, square omlettes, loads of sausages or bacon can line up side by side. They can even go in the oven, so you could cook chocolate brownies.

It is very easy to wipe clean, can be stored on its side and even better, there are now lids to go with it, less splattering and you can cook your dinner in the oven with the lid. My son has one in Uni, thinks its great, so they can be used anywhere.

Today was my first day and it required a bit of trouble shooting, getting the brain cells working over time. Hope things will settle into normal orders, invoices, accounts and e-mails. Ps, I get paid too.

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