Friday, 28 May 2010

Gone veggie

We have gone for the Riverford weekly delivery of veggies and fruit. I love it all. The aubergine was delicious grilled on the BBQ and we had a few bananas over so I made a banana and walnut loaf from Delia. That is going down very well.

They also supply meat packages too, I fancy the BBQ one in preparation for the summer.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tulips on the mantelpiece.

How effective are a few single tulips in individual vases. Even more so with the mirror behind doubling the effect. These were the flowers I put around the room when I ran my last Beyond Chocolate Workshop. The room looked lovely and the Tesco tulips played the staring roll.

They lasted ages too. The vases were borrowed from a friend and were from Ikea.

I must do it again, just for me.

And by the by, what a weird word is mantelpiece?

Monday, 24 May 2010

It's hilly round here.

A fantastic walk in the hills around Uley in Gloucestershire last week. The weather was glorious, just warm enough and not too hot. Shorts and t-shirts day? It could be, it was so still. I donned suncream on the arms.

This was a walk my friend had suggested some time ago and one I didn't feel confident to agree to then. I knew Uley and the hills around! Having been on several walks now I felt confident that I could do it, just needed to go at my own pace. Determination wins through and three hours later we are enjoying a pint of soda water and lime and a bite to eat. The pub is highly recommended, The Old Crown.

We chatted a lot along the flatter parts of the route, taking a break here and there to enjoy the views and the glorious day, we could even here skylarks. The bluebells were a poetic picture, in the woodland and surprisingly to me all over one of the hills. I thought they only grew in woodland or shady areas.

We were remembering those childhood pastimes of the country side; collecting and pressing wildflowers, pinging grass heads as far as you could, telling the time with dandelion clocks making daisy chains, chanting "he loves me, he loves me not" as you pulled the petals off a daisy, tell whether your friend liked butter or not by holding up a buttercup under their chin.

A blissful day and a chuffed me for climbing those hills. Who knows where that first taste of the Cotswold way will lead.

Monday, 17 May 2010

It's a take over

Well not in the permanent sense of taking over a company. I have picked up the reins for 6 months though, running Boaties Frypan in Europe. See

Boaties frypans were invented in New Zealand for those square stoves you find in boats, caravans, camping etc. They are a much better fit than your regular round ones.

And they are such fun to cook with, square pancakes, square omlettes, loads of sausages or bacon can line up side by side. They can even go in the oven, so you could cook chocolate brownies.

It is very easy to wipe clean, can be stored on its side and even better, there are now lids to go with it, less splattering and you can cook your dinner in the oven with the lid. My son has one in Uni, thinks its great, so they can be used anywhere.

Today was my first day and it required a bit of trouble shooting, getting the brain cells working over time. Hope things will settle into normal orders, invoices, accounts and e-mails. Ps, I get paid too.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

It's time to say goodbye

I remember very well, my 18th birthday. My mother gave me a wonderful party, with all my friends. My 18th birthday present was a sewing machine, with sewing basket. It was a fantastic present. I had made things from an early age, cutting a hole in a small circle of fabric was a cape (people wore those back in the 70s) for my Cindy dolls (I wasn't a Barbie girl), I sewed a little sewing bag for my mother, it still survives. I went on to sew my gingham apron in the first year at senior school, I didn't do very well at sewing at school, too slow! Then with my own sewing machine I made my own clothes, light summer dresses, a blouse, a skirt maybe, then later on, loads of children's clothes for little A and J, curtains, cushions, gifts galore. I have progressed from my first sewing machine now, it lasted me 20+yrs.

The sewing basket lasted longer. I had no need to upgrade my sewing basket till recently. It had been overloaded, squidged, awkward to store and much loved.

Now it is time to move on and it has gone to a charity sale, I hope someone loves it like I did. My latest sewing box is not pretty, I can't imagine it being loved but it will be easier to store my, increasing in size, sewing kit, being rectangular, storing those useful rectangular Ferero Rocher boxes.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's how long?

Yes, incredibly, as time flies, it is 25 years long and still going strong.

We were married 25 years ago, under the cherry blossom, in Cornwall. A delightful day. So our anniversary was well worth celebrating and we are asking all our friends and family to join us in celebrating with us in June. It will be a big family party, J's 21st, R's 50th and our 25th wedding anniversary.