Monday, 16 November 2009

Good things on U-handbag Blog

I read Lisa's blog called U-Handbag. She does wonders with bag making and sells all the bits you need too. At the moment she has a great Giveaway.

The giveaway includes Cath Kidston's new book, and 2 half yards of fabric from Lisa's shop.

Go over to her blog to add your comment to be in a chance to win. What is so wonderful about this giveaway is that you are asked to link to your favourite craft tutorial. So if you go and read the comments there is a wealth of fantastic links for all things craft.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

In short bursts

Shimelle's prompt was about finding a pattern, perhaps something to do on a regular basis. My first thought was that I didn't want to tie myself down to something regular but then Sharyn posted an idea, on the forum, that she found on Ali Edward's Blog and I liked the sound of doing something like this from time to time. So here it is. I have since found out this came from The Simple Woman's Daybook, you can find here.

Outside my window
...I see into the conservatory where the string of fairy lights is reflecting in all the glass.

I am thinking...about getting ready to visit my parents and seeing my son in Dartmouth.

I am thankful for...the wonderful company of my daughter, the gas fire warming my toes, my helpful, smiling hubby and knowing I will get better after a rotten cold.

From the kitchen...homemade spaghetti bolognese, with a sprinking of parmesan and some shared warm bread.

I am top, no surprise there, black comfy trousers and black cardigan done up with a kilt pin.

I am creating...tags, a la Tim Holtz style, with embossing and inking and bits of sparkle.

I am be better tomorrow.

I am reading...magazines at the moment, Beads & Beyond, Craft Stamper and Country Living.

I am daughter will settle in to her new job.

I am hearing...the sound of our clock chiming 10pm.

Around the house...i see lots to do, bare plaster that needs painting, that goes for ceilings too, a kitchen floor that could look a little cleaner and a pile of freshly laundered clothes ready to put away.

One of my favourite things...taking time out to talk to my hens.

A few plans for the rest of the week...dodging raindrops in dartmouth, a hug from my son, dinner at Kendrick's, making fabric decorations with my daughter.

A picture to share...

Autumn colours, Westonbirt, 2009.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Little Fun

Shimelle's blog prompt no. 8 was about taking time for something fun. I am all for a little fun. Something to lighten the spirits a little, something to exercise those smiling muscles.

I was looking for something fun on YouTube about chickens because I know that my chickens can make me laugh. I love the way they dash for cover at the slightest thing, a real case for Chicken Licken, The Sky is Falling In. I found a couple of chicken ones but I also found one on birds that I have seen before but I would like to show. I think their little faces are lovely and it is a little of a moral type video too, but non the worse for that. Especially as today we remember those who have suffered so much in war and conflict.

I hope this brings a smile. It is fun.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My aim is to Move


One of the Principles with Beyond Chocolate is Move. I have decided to take up walking in a more energetic way, with an aim to start running. The book I bought to guide me in my aim is "Running and Walking for Women over 40" by Kathrine Switzer. It gives you all sorts of tips on healthy, clothing and various programmes to get you on your way.


My daughter and I started on the walking programme last week. So far we are keeping up and we are determined to get out there in any weather necessary to do our 3 times a week. Sunday it was 6 degrees C, I found it a little hard going with the breathing as I had a cold, but we did it. And we are enjoying it, even doing the cool down exercises.


My aim is to keep up with the book and to end up jogging, which sounds amazing to me, but I know we will do it. Think I will need a sports bra when the jogging starts!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fun weekend

Friday night saw us at friends for a fireworks party. Loads of children having such fun. A very warming punch to keep the cold at bay as we stood outside watching fireworks; which were magnificent, the bangs echoed across the valley, the Catherine Wheel went on and on, varying colour and speeds, it received a huge round of applause. Delicious food. No, not 'delicious food' but absolutely amazing, fantastic, delicious food. Hot Chilli, pasta salad, potato curry to die for (recipe please), chunky bread, cheeses, pate, dips.

Saturday was Mod Scraps Crop day and the same friend's birthday. Hurray. She bought such a huge chocolate cake for everyone to share, it was so light and moist and went very well with a coffee.

I was very productive at the crop today, having planned in advance. I worked on my "Life Tunes" Album from the Big Picture Scrapbooking class, "A Life Well Crafted". Ellie of Mod Scraps called the raffle numbers and my number came up, so now I have a Bazzill Jewel template, that I already have several ideas for.

It was great spending crafting time with my friends. It was a lovely weekend

Friday, 6 November 2009

A few firework photos

Guy Fawkes night at the Chantry in Thornbury. I found the fireworks quite mesmerizing, they just kept flashing their fantastic lights.

Fantastic Fireworks.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

5 Things I would like right now.

This is day 3 of Shimelle's Blogging class about listing some favourites. A way to bring your inspiration to others and guide them to things you like. I have been thinking about Christmas the last couple of days. Notice I only said thinking, I haven't actually been doing anything about it yet. And some of my thoughts have been what I might like as gifts, so here are 5 things I would like for gifts.

1. Cake stand
2. ipod dock
3. iphone earphones that fit

These are the Apple In-Ear headphones with remote and mic. The ones that come with the iphone are really hard and too big, they hurt my ears.

4. Nigel Slater's book "Appetite"

5. Lovely hand cream in a pump dispenser

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Blogging for Scrapbookers

I have embarked on Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class.

I would love to get this blog and my Beyond Chocolate Blog going in a more regular manner. I think this will help me both with the technical side and the content. A quick blog workflow with photos is what I am looking for and ideas for what to blog about and how to capture those ideas for future blogging.

I have created a layout saying why I will be blogging. The journalling reads "I look out onto the world and see my days in colour and words. Events, happenings, thoughts, feelings, family and friends. A quick blog post, when things are fresh in my mind is an easy way to capture memories and thoughts. My blog will be a quick form of scrapbooking, memories held safe until being created in full colour, texture and prettiness, which is Scrapbooking.

The layout title was to be "Blogging". But you can see how many Gs there are in the word "blogging", 3, not many sticky letter sheets have 3 Gs. So I borrowed Shimelle's idea and called it "blogged". That is, after all, what I have now done.

I will be back tomorrow.