Thursday, 16 July 2009

Chicken Poem

I just spotted this in the Omlet newsletter. It is a poem written by Justine Teeling and is so true, they are fascinating.

So, You Want Chickens?

I’m cultivating cobwebs
Collecting lint and dust
Only doing housework
When I absolutely must

You see I have a reason
For this abundance of refuse
It’s not a very valid one
Just some fowl excuse

There are chickens in my garden
I got them just to lay
Now I find I’m captivated
Watching them all day!!!!

So, fair warning if you’re pondering

And trying to bribe the spouse
You may find yourself on telly
On ‘How Clean is Your House?”! is where you can find all things chicken especially the Omlet Eglu, perfect for chickens in the garden. I love the Eglu but decided to go for a wooden hen house instead, it was more suitable for what I wanted.


Justine said...

enjoying your blog :0)

MandyKay said...

Well, thank you Justine. :-)

MandyKay said...

Well, thank you Justine. :-)