Saturday, 28 February 2009

Card Making workshop

Today was a lovely, fun day. I was giving part of the workshop today, making cards using fabric in different ways. Hils started the day of with 5 stunning cards all required compulsory inky fingers. Then Giselle did hers which were supposed to be ink free, but there was one optional use of ink to edge some flowers, I think my favourite was the card using black and pink on it. We had 25 wonderful ladies who each took home 15 beautiful cards to send to friends and family.

Ellie bought the Modscraps shop, but unfortunately I had left my handbag at home so I could only stroke the pretty papers. Ellie also provided raffle prizes, lovely too, thanks Ellie. And Jayne who couldn't come because her daughter went into labour had donated 2 fiskars prizes.

There was a pre-class challenge to make a card for a male. And there were loads of stunning cards, fishing tent, garden shed, decorated fish, car cards, all were very ingenious and I wondered why I was giving the class!

And it looks like we may well be doing another for Christmas, October, November time, so a few months to think about designs for that.

Photos will come later, as I didn't have my camera because it was in my handbag at home, I borrowed Hils's and she will pass photos on to me later.

I have taken some liquid floor polish from Hils, to have a go at one of her cards, that was gorgeous. Off to bed with my achey legs now.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Get Things Done

'Get Things Done' by David Allen, was the first book I picked to study. I am now over halfway through. I am very good and looking into ways I can work more efficiently, organize things, declutter, improve life etc. I think by doing that I won't actually have to do these things because I am still trying to find the best way. Am I being cynical about my own motives? Don't answer.

This time I haven't only just read the book, I have cleared the in-tray, the filling tray, the files and have a 2ft pile of paper to burn and have collected all projects (anything that has more than two actions to do to complete them) actions, dates, etc that I can possibly think of.

I liked the bit to enable me to be "maximally efficient and relaxed".
This suits my new way of life away from the corporate world and setting up new businesses.

Now to identify the next actions required on my projects. I have actually done quite alot of actions, many of the 'less than 2 mins' actions too. So time to get a coffee and get going.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Books galore

I went on a book heist from Amazon this week.

A real mix of books that I had been gathering in my wish list.

Maybe I will give a review as I read through them.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Happy Weekend

We had a lovely weekend revisiting a favourite Hotel in the Cotwolds, The Dormy House Hotel.

On the way we visited Nature in Art at Wallsworth Hall, where the photos from Wildlife Photographer of the Year were on display. An amazing array of nature.

Lunch was at The Abbey Refectory in Tewkesbury.

Then on to the hotel where we shared a delicious cream tea in front of a very warming fire. The day was brilliant filled with blue skies and the first hints of warmth that will be spring. Dinner at the Hotel was so tasty and I love coconut sorbet, must investigate recipes. Breakfast for me was boiled egg and fresh coffee. I love the way their meals aren't too huge or overwhelming.

On the Sunday we visited Evesham Country Park and the miniature steam railway, it was a little cooler but a cup of tea and a toasted teacake warmed us up. I found some cheerful things, a pair of Moshulu colourful house slippers and big bright colourful buttons.

Now what can I do with these buttons?

Friday, 13 February 2009

St Valentine's Day card

Tomorrow is St Valentine's Day. I hope you all have your own Valentine.

I remember and probably still have the first Valentine card from my darling husband. Here is the one I have made for him for tomorrow.

I used the Wild Card cartridge on my Cricut Expression. Glittered the 'Be my Valentine' with a pen and used Doodlebug glitter on a white prima flower. The envelope was cut with the Cricut too.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Winter Snow

We have had more snow than I can remember seeing before. We have had 3 loads of snow, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday night and half of Friday. Rob has spent time travelling, having to go the long way round to work. Today it wasn't even worth trying to get out of our little area. I couldn't go to a crop to meet up with friends to do scrapbooking, which was quite sad. I haven't been out of the house all week and was looking forward to some friendly chatter.

Today was interesting, first there was Rob deciding whether or not to go to work, he stayed home, then the boiler tripped, but Rob soon rectified that problem. Snow was blocking the air vent to the boiler. Then the power went off, apparently there were overhead cables down, 3hrs later that came back on. Luckily we had the gas fire and a gas hob to make tea.

We did have fun in the garden, playing football with Max, throwing snowballs, mainly at Max, he liked to try and catch them. We made a snowman and I made a snow angel, my very first.

I have to admit that I was actually on my knees when the photo of the snowman was taken, just to make it look like a really tall snowman!