Thursday, 8 February 2007


Back again, I have been quite productive craft wise for the last couple of days, made up some address cards for friends, created a card of questions to ask myself each day, to help me "Choose Joy", made a few cards to catch up with Emily Falconbridge, art journal thing.

Then I have been out taking pictures of the frost which got heavier as the morning went on, the mist freezing on the trees. Then today pictures of the snow. The dog enjoyed playing with his football, I think he was trying to build a snowman using the ball as a base to roll the snow onto.

Suffering today....Love is..........passing your cold to your wife, then sharing sneezes and seeing who can sniff the loudest!


Gaye said...

Your dog looks like he was having a great time Mandy

Di said...

Great pictures Mandy, snow is so pretty isn't it.

Beth said...

I love the close up ohoto of your dog in the snow, speh when he got some on his nose, bless. Snow is so beautiful, wherever we look. Take care Mandy. Beth XX