Sunday, 11 February 2007


A corker of a cold, but it is Sunday evening and I feel I have just turned the corner, good job too, I was running out of tissues.

I am off to London tomorrow, catching the 9.30 train. Hope to take some pictures around Regents Park. I am going to find out some more information about something I am interested in getting into. Might tell you more on a later date.

I am having problems deciding who is me, the thoughts and things I do, are they because I am who I am or are they because of the pills I am on or are they because of the pills I have just come off? This is what I am confused about, the meeting tomorrow is about something I was really excited about a few weeks ago and now I could almost take it or leave it but at this moment that is how I feel about everything, even food doesn't interest me. So a rhetorical question but who is me?

On a lighter note, reading a scrapbooking novel, very light but I loved this quote:
"It was, quitte frankly, a scrapbookers heaven. and Carmela and Gabby were reveling in the excitement of it all. Scrapbook clubs from all over Louisiana, as well as Mississippi and alabama, had descended upon this first ever Scrap Fest. ......... "Did you see the new rubber stamps from Kinetic Creations?" asked Gabby breathlessly. She had just returned from a qhirlwind tour around the convention floor and looked exhilarated but slightly discombobulated."
I love that last word.

Thursday, 8 February 2007


Back again, I have been quite productive craft wise for the last couple of days, made up some address cards for friends, created a card of questions to ask myself each day, to help me "Choose Joy", made a few cards to catch up with Emily Falconbridge, art journal thing.

Then I have been out taking pictures of the frost which got heavier as the morning went on, the mist freezing on the trees. Then today pictures of the snow. The dog enjoyed playing with his football, I think he was trying to build a snowman using the ball as a base to roll the snow onto.

Suffering today....Love is..........passing your cold to your wife, then sharing sneezes and seeing who can sniff the loudest!